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BETA Foundation is a privately-held business foundation to assist high-tech companies in South East Asia to seek markets regionally or abroad. One of our many activities include highly- curated market immersion programmes for companies to expand their business, scout for potential technologies and partnerships, and seek financial assistance or investments that will match the needs of high-tech or deep-tech companies.

China, as the world’s second largest economy, has been embracing the global technological and industrial revolution, which has become one of the driving forces of China’s rise in SciTech area. By laying the foundation as ‘mutual respect, benefit and growth’, China has been actively making joint efforts with other nations, in accelerating SciTech development and promoting transnational collaboration.

Upcoming business immersion trip:

Destination: Kunming China
Date: September 2 to September 5, 2019
Co-Host: BETA Foundation, WTOIP, Kunming Government

For any enquiries, please email to or call Ty at +603.7832.5858



1st Day: 2 September 2019

Arrival at Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG).

2nd Day: 3 September 2019

Event: BRICS Technology Transfer Summit Forum, China-Kunming South Asia South-East Asia Science and Technology Services Cooperation Center Opening and Signing Ceremony. 

11:30-11:40 Malaysian Signing Ceremony

BETA Foundation
Technology Park Malaysia

11:40-11:50 Indonesian Signing Ceremony


Introduction, MOU exchange, and Kunming enterprise intention to sign up and Photo Opp)


3rd Day: 4 September 2019

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Roadshow, Project Negotiations and Investment and Financing Business Matching Session.

4th Day: 5 September 2019

Flight back from Kunming Changshui International Airport.




Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan province, is an upcoming competitive city in China. With a history of more than 2,400 years, it was the gateway to the celebrated Silk Road that facilitated trade with Tibet, Sichuan, Myanmar, India and beyond.

  1. Kunming’s main industries are minerals export, tourism and agriculture. However in the past ten years, Kunming is transforming itself to be high-tech city and attracting many foreign companies to operate in their numerous high-tech parks and industrial parks.

  2. Kunming is also known for producing solar for industry use, and sometimes known as the “Solar City of China”. Just 70 kilometers southeast of Kunming on the outskirts of the Stone Forest, a 166 MegaWatt solar farm completed construction in 2016. It was estimated that the project will generate 188 million kilowatts of energy per hour, eliminating 175,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

  3. Statistics from the Kunming government show it has trade ties with 115 countries and regions. Its trade with Asian partners hit $2.12 billion in 2017, up 3.22 times year-on-year, accounting for 71.42 percent of its total foreign trade volume.

  4. To seize the growing opportunities, Kunming's authorities propose developing the city into an economic and trade center, a science and technology innovation center, a financial service center and people-to-people cultural exchange center for the region.

  5. The Kunming Economic and Technology Development Zone (KETDZ) was established in 2000 and has a matured ecosystem for biofood, bio pharmaceutical, opto-electric- mechanical industries, IT, agriculture-tech, advanced materials, renewable energy and environment-friendly technologies.

  6. In addition to the huge Kunming High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, business areas focused on cutting-edge technologies are also appearing in and around the city. The 20,000-square-metre Growing AI Industry Park opened in Wuhua district in 2017, as Yunnan’s first artificial intelligence-focused business zone.

  7. Since 2017, Kunming is investing heavily in technologies to support its core industries and to seek foreign technologies that can be transplanted into the region, and in the end, increase the region’s economic output. The Kunming authorities have committed RMB 3 billion a year on smart-city development

  8. Kunming has transformed from being an inland-focused region to the frontline of the national opening-up and development, creating historical opportunities for Kunming to pursue its status as a central city for the triangle made up of Southwest China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

  9. As a developing tech region of China, the Yunnan province offers high growth and market potential for ambitious tech companies from ASEAN.



This programme is heavily subsidized by the Chinese authorities, and you only need to invest a fraction of the cost.

  1. Kunming, an upcoming competitive city in the region of Yunnan, is launching their South East Asia Science and Technology Services Cooperation Centre, and actively seeking tech and innovation partners from ASEAN countries

  2. Business Matching with Kunming government and companies, including through the partners of the Science and Technology Services Cooperation Centre such as WTOIP, IP Valley Kunming, BRICS Technology Transfer Centre and Kunming Cheng Gong Big Data Park.

  3. You will have unique one-to-one discussions with WTOIP representatives who will host us in China, and talk about IP protection and commercialization in China throughout the duration

  4. There are 20 other companies and organizations from across South East Asia joining you on this programme, and you will have the opportunity to cultivate new partnerships while on the trip together.



  1. How to join?

    Fill up the form QUICKLY so that we can match you with the right potential partners in China, and email to

  2. How much I need to pay?
    This programme is heavily subsidised by the Chinese authorities, and you only need to invest in China visa and flight ticket (We will subsidised the flight up to RM800).

  3. What is covered under the fee?

    • Conference pass for 1 pax

    • 3 nights accommodation in Kunming for 1 pax

    • Meals

    • Ground transport in Kunming

  4. Can I bring another person with me?

    Can with fee, but subject to availability. Please email

  5. Do I need to apply my own visa?
    Depending on your citizenship, you may need to apply for China Business Visa. We will provide you with a Business Invitation Letter.